M.C. Riley Third Grade Teachers

M.C. Riley Third Grade Teachers

Friday, August 19, 2011

Regions Song

I was looking for some good SC websites and found this regions song.

South Carolina Regions
by Kathy Bradley
South Carolina, it has 6 regions.
Come visit them and have some fun.
Start at the beach and go up to the mountains –
We’re gonna learn each and everyone.
The Coastal Zone beside the Atlantic Ocean makes its home.
Find a seashell or a little fish bone in the coastal zone.
The Outer Coastal Plains – some big ol’ swamps and flat terrain.
Many rivers to the ocean drain through the Outer Coastal Plains.
The Inner Coastal Plains – oh, it’s very clear,
Lots of sandy soil and farming here.
Millions of years ago the ocean was near,
The Inner Coastal Plain, my dear.
Repeat Chorus
The Sandhills (2 claps) a fun place to be.
Columbia our capital and USC.
Aiken and Camden lots of horses to see,
In the Sandhills, yes sir-ree! (4 claps)
The Piedmont (2 claps) where the big hills begin.
Rock Hill, so close to Carowinds!
Spartanburg and Greenville, lots of factories my friend,
The Piedmont (2 claps) where the big hills begin.
The Blue Ridge (2 claps) is the last region.
The Appalachian Mountains are so much fun!
Sassafras Mountain is the highest one,
In the Blue Ridge Region (4 claps)
Repeat Chorus

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  1. What tune did you use for the SC regions song?