M.C. Riley Third Grade Teachers

M.C. Riley Third Grade Teachers

Friday, August 12, 2011

Work In Progress

This is definitely a work in progress.  I have so many great ideas, but they all take time.  Please share this page with your friends.  I am working on a Bluffton, SC History post so look for it in the near future.  I am also going to come up with a list of items that would meet the standards for 3rd grade Social Studies.

3-1.1 Identify on a map the location and characteristics of significant physical features of South Carolina, including landforms; river systems such as the Pee Dee River Basin, the Santee River Basin, the Edisto River Basin, and the Savannah River Basin; major cities; and climate regions.

3-1.2 Interpret thematic maps of South Carolina places and regions that show how and where people live, work, and use land and transportation.

3-1.3 Categorize the six geographic regions of South Carolina--the Blue Ridge Mountain Region, The Piedmont, the Sand Hills, the Inner Coastal Plain, the Outer Coastal Plain, and the Coastal Zone--according to their different physical and human characteristics.

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